Latin American Solidarity Organization

   Initiated by Cuba in 1967, the Latin American Solidarity Organization (Organización de Latinamericana Solidaridad—OLAS) sought, according to its official dogma, to “coordinate and foment the fight against North American imperialism.” Made up of Marxist agitators from throughout Latin America, the group attempted through terrorist means to topple the capitalist governments of the western hemisphere. For its own region, OLAS decreed that the way to socialist revolution was through the building up of armed guerrilla forces in rural areas. LEAGUE OF COMMUNISTS. Founded in Paris in 1836 the League of Communists (also known as the Communist League) was an organization of German émigré workers largely based in London. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels joined it in 1847, became its leading theoreticians, and were commissioned by the League to write the Communist Manifesto (1848). Coming out of the League of the Just, the League of Communists was a small revolutionary socialist group that dissolved in 1850, and is chiefly remembered because of its association with Marx and the Communist Manifesto.

Historical dictionary of Marxism. . 2014.

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